Top Tips on Dressing Your Dining Table This Valentine’s Day

Wine and dine from the comfort of your own home! The arrival of Valentine’s Day has us all ready to treat our partner to a romantic dinner but we could all use a refresher course on how it’s done!

From the proper arrangement of tableware to achieving a beautiful aesthetic, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of table etiquette. Soon enough, you’ll be the host with the most!

  • The first piece of any table-setting puzzle is to figure out the overall aesthetic. This means finding inspiration in something, be it a colour, an in-season flower, or a porcelain pattern. By building the table around this one piece, you’ll simplify the process for yourself and ensure a streamlined style.
  • Once you’ve picked an element to build your table around, choose complementary colours for the linens, flowers, candles, place cards, etc. A sophisticated table will also pique visual interest through the incorporation of varying textures, patterns, and heights.
  • For the centrepiece, you can of course do a traditional flower arrangement and tea lights, or think outside of the box by cascading a series of smaller arrangements in small vases or water glasses down the centre of the table. Surround them with candles of varying heights to add a romantic feel.
  • The arrangement and order of use for silverware is often confusing, especially when eating a multi-course dinner. The rule of thumb? Start from the outside in. The first course will require the outer-most utensils on either side of the plate. When guests have finished eating a course, its corresponding silverware should be cleared along with the plates. When the next course is served, you’ll again want to start eating with the outer set of cutlery.
  • There’s no good dinner party without good drinks! And the arrangement is pretty straightforward. Of course, the number of glasses you’ll have on the table depends on the number of courses and which type of wine you’re serving!

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