CGI and digital services have become one of our most sought-after offerings. Let us make your imagination come to life with stunning imagery. Visualisation is at the heart of the design process. The fruition of the client’s vision and the designer’s expression combined can create more than you have ever imagined. CGI visualisation is the catalyst in generating forward interest and revenue well ahead of the physical completion of a project for a property developer or can really give a sense of confidence to a Private Client. As interior design is at the core of what we do our CGIs and digital services are creatively and technically produced.


Allow us to help you create quality leads. CGIs can be used on billboards, in brochures, on websites & social media platforms. We continually invest in our technology infrastructure, this allows us to showcase your property or home so the customer can immerse themself into the design from the comfort of their own home.


Digital dressing is a process in which a photo of an empty space is taken and then an intricately detailed digital design is created to enhance it, ultimately showing a viewer what a space could look like when designed and styled in reality before actually starting the work. CGIs and digital dressing are now photorealistic as a result of advances in technology and technique. They bring the ideas of architects, homeowners, estate agents and property developers to life.


With a 360-degree panorama, you are able to interact with your surroundings by moving around and seeing what’s on all sides. You can also click anywhere in the image for an instant change of perspective. Used as a tool today to help tell stories better, an animation will evoke the senses and capture the imagination in ways that a 2D plan just cannot do.


We can produce 3D floor plans which are the best way to get a sense of what a new property will look like. They allow you see every detail from top down or bird’s eye angle, giving you an idea about how a space can function.


When emotive visuals are used to elevate residential interiors for marketing imagery, we provide stunning 3D content that encapsulates the detail of interior design, often mistaken for a photograph! Make future interiors a visual reality today. Our CGI and digital services are the perfect solution whether producing imagery to help sell new developments or aid the interior design process.

Realistic images that show the appearance of natural light depending on the time of day or time of year along with emotive lighting can all set the mood and help to create a realistic view of how spaces will look at different times. We can bring you total control of the process, efficiently producing seamless furniture visuals, staged in a room scenario or external space and ready for marketing long before a physical product is available. For further information please contact us on

"The internal CGI’s that Blocc created for our Elstree development made a difference to our early marketing, providing an insight for our customers of the completed project, the CGI’s were so accurate they were mistaken as actual photographs! "

Karen Roake – Sales & Marketing Director – Troy Homes

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