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Have you ever been wowed by a room design but can’t quite put your finger on why it works so well? What’s the secret? Interior designers view their projects as opportunities for innovation by letting go of “safe options” and thinking outside of the box for striking results.

Gaby Citraro Hughes, Head of Residential Design at Blocc Interiors says generalised concepts like ‘blue is cold’, ‘light walls make the room look brighter’, and ‘all furniture needs to match’ stifle inspiration. The Holy Grail of creativity comes from being fearless and exploring new avenues.

This featured room designed by Blocc Interiors is a perfect example of a project with a classical neutral colour scheme. Whilst only three finishes are present – ivory, gold and charcoal, it oozes personality and is made exciting by the use of strong statements provided by details throughout. How is it achieved? By being bold!

Contrast and Complement

Starting with an existing blank canvas of ivory walls and walnut flooring, we put together a set of elements that complement rather than match the existing surfaces.

Making an impact requires a degree of contrast so we opted for dark wenge wood for the furniture. This selection not only contrasts well with the floor and walls but also complements the colour of the kitchen worktop.

Choose an Accent Finish

In addition to the wood colour, our chosen accent finish for tables and cabinetry details was gold in a variety of forms – polished gold finish, brushed brass elements and art and accessories with distressed gold. None of them necessarily match! They simply work well together by placing them carefully in and around the available space.

Go Bespoke

Bespoke cabinetry is a must when it comes to media units and desks with the required dimensions and functionality features. The design needs to be practical. Items such as TVs are heavy and need to be securely placed within the space whilst allowing easy connection and concealing unsightly wiring. 

Desks also present several challenges and they are very individual. As we work from home, our ‘office’ space needs to reflect the look and feel of the rest of the room. They can be a simple working surface, and as pictured, the gold detail provides an individual accent.

Fabulous Fabrics

The fabric selections for curtains and upholstery followed the neutral palette, introducing elegant patterns in the cushions and expert tailoring for the window treatments. The warmth they project is well worth the investment.

Finishing Touches

And finally… it’s all in the detail!

This interior would not be as attractive without all the finishing touches. Table lamps, accessories and art have been carefully chosen and arranged to transform every area into a focal point.

Pushing the boundaries for statement results that inspire and excite is what we at Blocc do best!

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