6 Qualities The Best People In The Show Home Interior Design Industry Tend To Have

Designing beautiful show homes is no easy task, but somebody has to do it. It is all about creating a stunning space and showing off a property development in its best light. Show home interior designers need to be furniture and textile experts, decorators, planners, and salespeople all rolled into one. There is so much that goes into the design of a show home interior, and it takes a special sort of someone to get the job done properly. These are the six qualities that the best people in the show home interior design industry tend to have:


A natural curiosity is a must for any show home designer. They need to be able to ask the right questions and understand the goals of the developer. This curious nature is essential for understanding what the developers want and what potential buyers are looking for. Not only that, but curiosity helps designers to try new and innovative ideas, which others might never have thought of!


It is no surprise that show home interior designers need to be creative. Working in the industry means designing properties for a huge range of clientele, and that means being able to come up with new ideas every single time. No developer wants their show home to look the same as the last, so being adaptable and coming up with new creative styles are an absolute must.

Eye For Detail

Having a successful show home is all about making all the elements of the space come together perfectly. They need to complement each other and create an overall show home which is comfortable, stylish, and relatable. But interior designers know that it isn’t all about the big picture. The very best in the industry have a keen eye for detail and are able to combine every last feature, from the light switches to the soft furnishings. They will be the first to know if something is out of place and have the ability to finetune a show home perfectly.


No designer can create a stunning show home without having a true passion for the craft. It is this passion which drives show home designers to go above and beyond on every single project and overcome any challenges they face along the way. Whether the perfect wallpaper is out of stock with the supplier, or the furniture can’t be delivered by the deadline, the designer needs to have the drive and skills to think out of the box in order to achieve the best result.

Time Management

Designing a show home is a big responsibility, and it goes above and beyond choosing colour swatches and sketching designs. A designer needs to be able to coordinate and organise a huge range of people, and this all needs to be done within a fixed timescale. The very best show home interior designers are the ones who take the lead and handle every aspect of the project from start to finish. Time management is an absolute must for anyone working as a show home designer.


Show home interior design isn’t all about making a property look the best it can (although this is the most important part of the job!). It is also about creating a sales tool for the sales team and coming up with a show home which will encourage buyers to commit. Interior designers in this industry need to have a diverse range of skills in order to create a show home which is just right.

At Blocc, we are experts in show home interior design, and our team are some of the best in the industry! For more information, contact us today.

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