5 Misconceptions About Show Home Interior Design

Designing show homes is not a simple task. It’s a careful balance of art and science which can take years of education and experience to truly master. Show homes need to create the desire to buy; each room must have its own style and vibe. This happens through careful scaling and designing which is a skilled process that takes time to achieve. As show home designers, we often come up against misconceptions about what it is that we do and how we work. Today, we are myth-busting and revealing the truth behind show home interior design.

Small Scale Furniture Is Used To Exaggerate Space

Many believe that show home designers use small furniture to make a space look bigger, but this is incorrect. We design show homes using regular furniture, which complements the space effortlessly. There is no trickery or custom-made furniture involved; it is just careful scaling and well thought out design, making the best of the available space.

Designers Don’t Create Spaces That Are Liveable

When we design a show home, we design it to be both beautiful and realistic. Our aim is to create a home that is comfortable, relaxing, organised and attractive. There is little use in designing a show home that looks lovely but is entirely impractical, yet many people believe that is precisely what we do!

Interior Designers Are Unaffordable

If you think you can’t afford to hire a designer for your home, then think again. It is a common myth that only the very wealthy can afford interior designers, but the truth is, designers offer a range of services to meet all price points. We are here to help you get the most out of your space, working within your budget.

Bold Colours Make A Space Look Small

So many people shy away from using specific colours because of design misconceptions. Bold colours will not make a space look small if used correctly, and blue won’t make your room feel cold. The skill is in how to use them!

Show Homes Must Stay On Trend

Interior design follows trends just like anything else, and show home designers do not always stick slavishly to what is in fashion at any one time. Just because greys and whites are in style now doesn’t mean that we rigidly use  this palette.  We are constantly looking to the future, working to two or three seasons in advance to keep ahead of High Street trends.

A skilful designer can make it look easy, but its harder than it looks! We work tirelessly and are constantly on the lookout for new ideas, inspiration and trends to ensure our design is hot and inspirational.

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