4 Things To Consider When Appointing A Show Home Designer

Choosing the right interior design company is crucial for your development’s success when it hits the market. You need to choose a company that you can trust to showcase the show home in the best possible light. This is the first thing that potential buyers will see and will often be the deciding factor in whether they choose a property on your development to be their new home. Here are 4 things to consider when appointing a show home designer.

Buying Power

Show home designers have contact with a variety of suppliers, manufacturers, skilled trades and artists. Choosing a designer with great purchasing power can help you to access pieces and styles that might otherwise be inaccessible. If you find a show home designer who buys internationally  then you can unlock complete versatility within the design, and secure items that will be completely unique.  They will also research the market to support local trades which can enhance your position in the community and provide interesting sources for social media.

Project Management

Show home design is so much more than just making the space look amazing.  A good interior design company will have  impeccable project management skills in order to get the  project completed.  Look for designers with a proven track record of working  in an agile and flexible manner, who can get the job done, in time and on budget with good contingency planning. 

Style & Budget Experience

A show home designer that has only ever designed multimillion pound houses may not be suited to working on a low budget small apartment, and vice versa. Choose a design company  with a range of experience in various styles and budgets and ask to see examples of projects similar to your own. A designer with an array of experience will understand what is achievable for your unique project.


Show home design isn’t just about making the property look great; it needs to drive real results. Find out how fast their previous developments sold out, and whether previous clients have chosen to work with them again. This will give you a good idea of whether their interior design actually drives sales. Also ask if they offer any design services to the end user, or if they can provide CGI to showcase the show home before it is physically finished.  

If you are looking for an experienced show home designer for your new development, get in touch with our experts at Blocc today. 

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