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We’d like to introduce you to Jaida who is joining us on her placement year whilst studying at university!

Jaida Salmon

Interior Designer

Years at Blocc:
Work placement year

Which University are you studying at and what is the course?
I study at Bath Spa University and I am studying interior design with a placement year.

What led you to your chosen University Course?
I was led to my chosen course because of the opportunity to venture out for a year and experience interior design. The universities that I had looked previously did not offer similar opportunities and focused on getting a final grade and that was all. Being able to get an insight into the industry before graduation, I believe, is a great starting point. With all the knowledge and information that I will gain, I can use this within my final year and then once I have graduated I can look at the possibilities and avenues that I want to go with.

What led you to contacting Blocc Interiors?
I had an interest for designing show homes when I was in college. I would enjoy going to view houses and seeing how well a ‘dream house’ could possibly look and that this could be someones own home. Walking around different shops I would find myself in different showrooms fascinated by how they had been put together and gathering information and inspiration. Looking around the Midlands, there were very few companies that had a focus point on show homes or even residential spaces. Blocc appears to be a company that takes pride and detail in the spaces that they are creating, it is more than just about designing a space and making sure that the job gets done. Blocc’s extensive portfolio shows that they go above and beyond this and more.

What do you hope to learn/achieve whilst working with Blocc Interiors?
Whilst being at Blocc I want to learn / achieve how to approach designing and furnishing when putting a space together. Sourcing fabrics, materials, items and using this all to form a space that will please the cliental. Learning how to create mood boards / concepts / schemes and looking for inspiration task by task and hopefully learn and follow the process of a project from the start with the sales team, to the very end and final design.

Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work?
In this moment of time, I’m still learning and discovering who and what influences my approach to work. On one hand I would say that the likes of Jean Michel Basquait and Keith Harring have been an influence with their boldness and approach to designing. On the other hand, being around class mates and seeing their different ideas and style influences me as we tend to bounce ideas off one another. There is not definitive influential approach to my work in this moment in time as I am figuring that out myself.

What behaviour or personality trait do you most attribute your success to, and why?
A behaviour / personality trait that attributes to my success is being open to doing something different and trying out something new. For example, going to a university that is not close to home; I wanted the uni experience of moving out and living away from home with a form of independency. In doing so I’m expanding my horizons and talking to new people, creating my own adventures and experiencing a new form of life.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from a variety of places from a creative aspect; book covers, my surroundings, other peoples crafts / homes, photographers work, movies and tv series and occasionally social media. A combination of all this inspiration from different aspects and moments and ideas are noted down.

What colours and patterns do you love?
I love the colours gold and brown most recently. Those two colours, shades and tones accentuate each other so well when done correctly, especially in fashion and styling clothes. Patterns that I love currently are minimalistic floral patterns, graphic / geometric patterns and texturised patterns. They all offer different styles, feelings and are pretty amazing to look at when you think that someone has sat down and designed this set pattern.

What are your favourite items for the home?
Favourite items for the home I would say would be house plants and bedding. Recently I have gotten into buying and looking after house plants and it has been rewarding mentally and physically and a great experience. Bedding would be one my favourite as nothing beats having a freshly made bed with bedding that sets off the whole mood in the room. It ties everything in and brings all the colours together. There is a wide range of bedding to choose from and this can be a big part of a home.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?
Advice I would give to my teenage self is that in some way shape or form it will all work out and to stay true to yourself, ask for help and advice when needed. Its a big world out there and being a teenager is only part of it, life is an adventure so make the most of it.

What’s your favourite way to unwind after a busy day?
My favourite way to unwind would be a nice plate of food that I have made for dinner, sitting down in the living room watching an old tv show and enjoying it. Other times a nap will work just as well as it is sort of a refresher for the evening.

What is your favourite holiday destination and why?
My favourite holiday destination would be Jamaica, I have always loved going their and visiting my family. They grow their own food enabling them to live off the land, make their own clothes and can mend anything and most importantly live a healthy blessed life. The scenery is beautiful, the food is amazing and it is a place that I wish to visit more often.

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