A Step-by-Step Guide To Show Home Interior Design

Designing a show home is no easy task. It takes professional planning and specific processes to get it just right. The show home is the thing that will help potential buyers decide whether to invest in your development or not, so it is a critical component to your sales success. As experts in show home design and with a wealth of experience in creating beautiful spaces in a range of properties, we know a thing or two about designing an unforgettable show home. Follow our step-by-step guide to show home interior design.

Understand The Purchaser Profile

Before you can begin picking out colour schemes or deciding on flooring choices, it’s essential to determine the purchaser profile.  Who will want to buy your properties, who do you need to target? This information is crucial in deciding how to go about decorating and designing. Consider the area your development is in; is it rural or urban? Is your audience for the development young couples, professionals, families or downsizers? Having a solid understanding of exactly who you are trying to attract will make the entire process more straightforward.

Set The Budget

You will most likely already have a budget for the show home, as most developers set their budget for sales and marketing from the gross development value at the onset of the project. Sometimes things change along the way, and the budget might have to be adjusted from when you first set out. Breaking the budget down into different areas of design is also useful and can help you to choose items and décor that fits your spending limits. When you have a budget in place, you can look at the specification for the design and choose the right options for the development.

Set The Style

The show home must have a distinctive style, which will play an important role in the overall success of the development. The show home must reflect and represent the calibre, brand differential and style of the developer and feel natural within the setting. Bear in mind that the show home style needs to appeal to the target audience;  just because you are personally fond of bold, bright colours doesn’t mean it is the right fit for the project.

Make It Memorable

When potential buyers are coming to view your show home, the chances are they are viewing many more as well. The show home needs to be memorable and stand out from the competition. Add in statement pieces that will stick in their minds after they’ve left and try to choose schemes that are innovative and on-trend. Look at what your competitors are doing and decide what you can do better to make your development truly shine.

If you need assistance in styling your show home, reach out to our interior design specialists at Blocc.

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