A Day In The Life Of An Interior Designer

Hi, my name is Jane Grasier, and I am the Creative Manager at Blocc Interiors and here’s a little insight to my average working day in the crazy world of interior design!!!!

My Morning Routine

Well my day starts just like everybody else’s….. A nice strong coffee to set me up, the usual hot shower, make-up and my favourite perfume, Ombre Leather by Tom Ford. (Who doesn’t like a bit of Tom Ford?!)

Then, something all parents can relate to, the mad dash to get the boys ready for school (what age is it that they dress themselves again?) and drop off the adorable Betty (that’s my gorgeous beagle by the way) at doggy day care. 

I take the time to enjoy some “me time” as I travel to work by listening to music and catching up with friends on the phone to make the M6 a little more appealing! I love getting off the motorway and driving through the beautiful village of Belbroughton. Our studio is actually an old watermill in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside. Not your average design studio at all but then Blocc is not your average interior design company 😊

At the Studio

Every morning starts with a little catch up with the team discussing current projects, forthcoming deadlines and any new business we have won. Then (after another strong coffee) I’m ready to conjure up some creative magic! New briefs, books and products arrive daily making every day something new and exciting.

Commencing a New Project

The first stage of any design process is liaising with the sales team and getting an in-depth brief of what the client requirements are. This can vary dramatically from project to project but is very exciting as every single design is completely different and bespoke to the client.

We then take a look at the working drawings. Sometimes these can be a penthouse apartment, a showhome for a new development, a small urban terrace or huge rural detached house. We usually work with drawings that are 1.50 in scale detailing room and property dimensions and elevations. Using this information allows us to consider what furniture sizes and positions work best in the space available. We try to ensure that all space is utilised to its maximum potential whether that be converting the space below a staircase into a home study area or adding an intriguing and enchanting focal point in a large space.

Research & Planning

Our design library is massive and is filled with all the latest, up to date fabric and wallpaper books. I’m in my element when looking through them all as ideas, creativity and possibilities come to life! 

From there, we begin the careful consideration of a colour palette that will compliment the clients requirements. Usually the client gives us an idea of any particular style they are trying to achieve and the vibe they want to create. If they don’t have a preference then we are more than happy to guide them and provide our professional advice.

Once we have these foundations in place, we then hit the books and start to look at different textures and tones that will enhance the design. Bringing these core design elements together is where the magic begins. 

Colours, tones, textures and space are all taken into consideration when we start to look at furniture, accessories, window treatments, flooring, lighting and soft furnishings to really pull the design together.

Moodboard & Design Presentation

All of the sources of inspiration and samples from reference books and other resources are brought together and presented on a moodboard. I love this part of the job, layering the fabrics and feeling the textures really start to bring the design ideas into reality. The moodboard forms the basis of the presentation to the client and helps them to visualise their dream design.

All jobs are distinct and take different time-scales to complete depending on the size, budget and various other factors but all are equally as exciting to be involved in. 

This is just a typical working day as an interior designer. Often we have many projects on the go at any one time and they’ll be aspects of being on the road and visiting the clients as well as being in the studio but all end with me returning home to the family and having a well earned glass of wine!



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