6 Ways To Make Your Show Home Sizzle With Style This Summer

If your development is hitting the market this Summer, then you need to make sure the show home is ready to impress. Show home design is about so much more than just making the space look beautiful. It’s about creating a home that potential buyers can envisage themselves living in, and that means tweaking the style to suit the seasons. Here are our top 6 ways to make your show home sizzle with style with Summer.

Make The Most Of Outside Space

Do not miss out on the opportunity of warm weather to show off any outside space. Whether it is a large garden, patio area or even a balcony, make sure you dress it appropriately. Add furniture and seating to help buyers picture themselves sitting out there in the Summer. Consider a BBQ or fire pit, which are perfect for entertaining friends, and don’t forget to accessorise outdoors too. Cushions, outdoor rugs, candles, mirrors and solar lights can all make a big difference to the feel of a garden or balcony.

Use Real Plants And Fresh Flowers

Far too often, we see show homes using artificial flowers and plants, but you just can’t replicate the real deal. Especially in Summer, natural indoor plants and fresh flowers can really brighten up the place and showcase the property’s potential. They might be a little more effort, but they are so worth it.

Add A Pop Of Colour

If the show home colour scheme is light and neutral, then consider adding a pop of colour or something different in the accessories. We know a bright red sofa might be a little much for some people, but bright red cushions or a throw on a neutral sofa can boost the energy in the  room without overpowering it. Summer is all about bright, light colours, so make sure you have some in your show home. Incorporating different textures and patterns with accessories and soft furnishings is another great way to brighten a dull room.

Eliminate The Clutter

The show home needs to look liveable and realistic, but must also look fresh and inviting during Summer. Avoid having too much clutter on console tables, work surfaces and windowsills, and instead, opt for light and space. Don’t overdo the artwork and accessories; just choose a handful of really great pieces to make your show home stand out.

Make A Statement

The show home needs to stay in a buyers mind long after they have walked out the door. Make a statement by incorporating things that are bright, bold and memorable, such as a unique chair, powerful rug or statement light fitting.

Don’t Forget Fragrances

It isn’t just how the show home looks during the Summer that matters, but also how it smells. Heighten the visitors senses by making sure the fragrances around your show home are on point. Use air fresheners, fragrance sticks with essential oils and flowers to make sure each room smells fresh, bright and summery.

If you are looking for an experienced show home designer for your new development, get in touch with our experts at Blocc today. 

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