6 Tips For Daring Interiors

We are an interior design company that knows there is no one-size-fits-all approach to décor. When it comes to designing your dream interior, it can be scary to step out of  the box and do something bold, but bold can be beautiful when its carefully considered. Our top interior designers use a blend of imagination and creativity to produce exciting interiors that bring unique style into your home. Today, we’re sharing our top tips.

Explore Size & Scale

It can be easy to feel constrained with the room’s proportions when designing your interior. Show home designers are not afraid to play around with scale, and you shouldn’t be either. Pair a large sofa which takes up the entire room width, with hanging wall lamps instead of side tables. Choose art pieces which you love because of their beauty and not because of their size; there is no rule to say your artwork can’t take up your entire wall.

Mix Old & New

Many people believe a home should be either modern or traditional, but blurring these lines and blending the two can leave great results. Mix modern pieces with intricate antiques for a unique and daring look.

Don’t Forget Ceilings

Ceilings are often an afterthought when it comes to design, but an interior design company will consider them from the start. Most homeowners opt for plain  white ceilings and are afraid to try something new. Decorating your ceiling can define the lines and proportion of the  space, so don’t leave them out.

Be Brave With Dark

There is no need to be afraid of the dark when decorating. Choosing a deep, dark colour  can make a space come to life when used correctly. Use deep blues, greens or reds for accent walls and combine with bright shades or metallics and mirrors.

Blend Different Textures

Whether it is upholstery, fabrics or wall art, there is no need to keep  materials the same. Mixing up  various textures can be a daring yet brilliant way to bring a unique edge to your space.

Go High-Contrast

You might think that creating high contrast in your rooms would be a little overwhelming, but it can result in a stunning, calming décor. Try pairing highly saturated colours with bright white; the two will balance each other out perfectly.

If you are looking for interior design services to help you become more daring in your home, then give the Blocc team a call today.

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