5 Ways To Style Your Show Home For Autumn / Winter

Showcasing your new development is a vital part of the sales process, and having an on-trend show home is crucial. Just like anything else, show homes go through trends and styles, and keeping up with the latest looks can help your property stand out from the crowd. The Autumn / Winter season is an important time for the property market, and there are many potential buyers looking for a brand new home during this time of year. While Summer is all about bright, open spaces and embracing the sunlight, Autumn and Winter styles are cosy, warm, and homely. Check out our top five ways to style your show home for Autumn / Winter 2021.

Change Your Centrepieces

At this time of the year, potential buyers want to imagine themselves cosying up in their new home. Make sure you create the perfect atmosphere for Autumn / Winter by adapting your centrepieces to suit. Incorporate candles into your interior design plans for an added bit of warmth and engage the senses with a natural potpourri on the dining table or sideboard. Choose a stylish bowl which compliments your interiors and choose a wintery aroma that viewers won’t forget. Style around a fireplace if your development has them, or set the scene with a nice basket of logs.

Choose A Warm Palette

While bright whites and cool hues might be great when the sun is shining, on a rainy day there is nothing better than a warm room. Far too often, show homes are filled with bland white walls and dull colours, in the mistaken belief that not everyone likes colour and that keeping it safe is the best option. This Autumn / Winter be brave with your colour schemes and choose a warm palette to really accentuate the space. Think burnt orange and deep yellow this season, or moody colours with warm accents.

Add Thicker Fabrics And Layers

From wicker baskets to woven rugs, there are so many ways to incorporate homely, natural textures into your show home this season. Just like a flickering candle or bowl of potpourri, layers of thicker fabrics create a cosy vibe in almost any space. Place a basket by the sofa and fill it with chunky knit blankets to help potential buyers feel right at home.

Cosy Up With Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important parts of show home interior design, and this is even more vital in Autumn / Winter. During this time of year, the days are short and natural sunlight is scarce, so you need to brighten the space another way. Incorporate multiple sources of light into every room, including ceiling lights and smaller lamps. It is easy to create a cosy corner with a clever lighting strategy, and will make potential buyers feel right at home as the dark nights creep in.

Appeal To The Senses

As the seasons change, make sure to change up the fragrances in your show home as well. Seasonal aromas can really set the mood but are often forgotten by designers. From candles to diffusers, there are so many ways to appeal to the senses and introduce a cosy fragrance such as cinnamon and spices this Autumn / Winter.

If you need assistance in styling your show home this Autumn / Winter season, reach out to our interior design specialists at Blocc.

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