5 Common Things That Create The Desire To Buy

Preparing a property for sale is a daunting task. Whether you are selling your home or have an entire property development ready to hit the market, setting the space correctly can be the key to success. As a show home design company, we are experts in designing spaces in a way that encourage sales and generate interest. To help you on your property sales journey, we are sharing 5 common things that create the desire to buy.

Create A Homely Set Up

Show home designers know that designing a show home is also about designing a lifestyle and a story. If you create a space which potential buyers can imagine themselves living in, you will create the desire to buy. For example, if your property has a breakfast bar in the kitchen, set it up with pastries, coffees and newspaper laid out, helping viewers envision their own mornings in the home. Make it obvious what their life could be like in the property, and how the space would work for them.

Use Symmetry

Top interior designers will almost always use symmetry when designing a home. This is particularly important in small rooms, as symmetrical set ups can give the impression that there is more space. In cosy bedrooms, set the bed up with symmetrical pillows and nightstands, and see how it feels more spacious already. Symmetry can also create a sense of calm and relaxation, which is exactly what potential buyers want to feel in their future home.

Boast Space With Reflections

Mirrors are a quick and easy way to create the desire to buy. By adding a mirror to the property, you can make the space feel much bigger and brighter than it really is. Simple changes like swapping wardrobe doors for mirrored ones or fitting a full length mirror on empty wall space, can instantly make a property look more inviting.

Add Soft Furnishings

Show home designers revel in the little finishing touches in a home, such as soft furnishings. It can be easy to forget the extra cushions for the bed, or the rug by the sofa, but these small details make a big difference. Soft furnishings help to make the property look complete and ready to live in, while also adding to the comfort and luxury of the home.

Remove All Clutter

One thing you might not immediately notice when looking at a show home is that they are always clutter free. It might seem contradictory to say put out a newspaper and coffee on the table, and fill the bed with cushions, but then avoid other clutter. However, things like phone chargers, TV remotes and other daily essentials can create a sense of mess in a show home. Top interior designers have a keen eye for making sure that everything in the space is creating the desire to buy, and there will be no clutter to be seen. 

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