4 Savvy Ways To Maximise Your Show Home Interior Design Budget

When you have a set show home budget to stick to, it is critical that you know how to get the most out of it. Interior designers have plenty of tricks and tips for making budgets stretch further, and even the smallest budget can deliver some pretty impressive results. Your show home is the key to your sales strategy, and the first impression that many potential buyers will have of your development, so you need to get it just right. At Blocc, we are experts in creating beautiful show homes within a wide range of budgets, and today we are sharing our top 4 tips for maximising your investment.

Hire A Show Home Designer

Hiring someone to do the job for you might seem like an expensive option, but the truth is, a professional show home designer will know all the best ways to save some pennies and maximise your budget. Designers are used to working with all sizes of budgets and have plenty of knowledge when it comes to making the most out of your money. When you are designing a show home, it is so easy to go off on a tangent and end up spending more than you planned. A professional designer is there to manage the whole project from start to finish and ensure everything is kept on track.

Make The Most Of Purchasing Power

Show home designers work with many suppliers every single day and have endless contacts in the interior design world. By working with a professional with these connections, you can make the most of their purchasing powers and find furnishings and products at even better prices. Most of the time, a show home designer will be able to specify items for far less than their retail price, so you can make the most of your budget and still have all the furnishings you dreamed of. Another thing to bear in mind is that with a show home, the end result doesn’t need longevity. You don’t need to prioritise decorating options which will last a lifetime, but instead choose features which won’t use up all your budget and will add a focal point to the space instantly.

Write A Wishlist

Maximising your show home budget is all about prioritising the most essential items. Take the time to write a wishlist and decide which elements are the most important and others where you can be flexible. Don’t forget the details with things like window treatments and lighting , as these really make a show home memorable. You will be surprised at how much impact curtains have on a room, and it is something that many designers fail to consider. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall curtains can create the illusion of additional space, by making walls look wider and taller, and clever lighting enhances the mood and gives a focal point , so consider these details when writing your wishlist.

Be Realistic With Timescales

Not giving yourself enough time to properly plan your show home design will make maximising your budget even more challenging. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for the project, as this is the easiest way to keep your costs down. Interior designers will struggle to give you as much variety of style and budget if the deadline is tight, as the choice is narrowed, so giving them a realistic timescale will not only help you get everything you need but will also help with the costs.

For more help and advice on designing the perfect show home and getting the most out of your interior design budget, speak with our team of experts today.

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